Corki Designs was created by Zachary J. Leong in an effort to find a sustainable alternative to concrete and plastic planters as well as a different aesthetic than terracotta. After no such luck, he made his own, the Corki Planter.

Corki's creator

Zachary J. Leong is an industrial, graphic, and website designer living in New York City. Utilizing his design knowledge, technical drawing skills and imaginative mind, Zachary continues to create engaging and beautiful objects that cohesively encompass functionality, craft and originality.


The beginning of a planter

Zachary was in the midst of of his junior year at Pratt Institute's UG Industrial Design program when Corki was first conceptualized. Over the next two years, after multiple iterations and consumer feedback, he finalized the design and put it out there for the crowd.

The Corki Planter raised almost $16,000 on Kickstarter in October of 2021- almost 200% of the original funding goal!